Thursday, April 21, 2016

What is Religion All About?

It's very simple.  Religion is about your own, individual, one on one relationship with Jesus Christ.  It's easy to look at grandiose church settings and feel you must be in that setting or you are missing out.  You miss out without having that one on one, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, no matter what setting you find yourself in.

It's simple; do you think in your mind, thoughts, not only to yourself, but TO Jesus?  Start thinking of your mind as having two listeners and knowing your voice is the one who knows a lot less.  Ask inwardly.  Receive answers outwardly as well as inwardly.

You miss out when you haven't talked to Jesus lately.  Regardless of where you have gone, if you stop frequently talking to Jesus you will know because you will feel alone.

And if you don't talk to Jesus then now you know the reason why you feel so all alone all the time.

There was a man that showed up one sermon at a church dressed in old tattered clothes.  After the sermon the pastor told the man he needed to ask Jesus what to wear instead and to return the next Sunday.  When he showed up the following Sunday wearing the same outfit he told the pastor "I asked Jesus what to wear at your church but he said he didn't know because he's never been here."

So you have in you what you need, regardless of how you dress, how you present yourself has a whole lot less to do with your perception of yourself and a whole lot more to do with Jesus' perception of you; what you have in your heart and mind and soul.  Jesus knows your heart.  Talk to Jesus.  He will answer you in ways you can't imagine but you will know when it happens. 

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