Thursday, April 21, 2016

Verbal Etiquette - My Vows - A List For All - Open Letter

"Verbal Etiquette "

Saying words you don’t mean just because
  1. it’s what you think and impulsively say
  2. it feels like a short term defensive reply that won’t have long term lasting effects

is a humongous mistake.  How can you make up for something you said that hurt someone and you did not even mean it and knew as much the moment you said it?

Only change and understanding the depth of how you hurt someone and acknowledging the depth you understand the hurt will potentially start the road to happy resolution and healing.  You can't change what you said.  Sometimes the only person who gets the healing is the one who did the damage, when the one who was damaged won’t allow the healing to be as a mutual, dual synergistic healing. Only change from being a culprit to considerate will resolve your mistakes enough to provide self respect.  

I vow to not say anything to any person who I care about that I don’t mean to say.  What happens to make a person come to this resolution may involve not only long term lasting effects but the effect could be life long and permanent.  Words are like tooth paste.  Once they are said you can’t put them back just as once the tube of tooth paste is squeezed you can’t put back the tooth paste that you pushed out the opening. 

I am guilty of hurting people with my words.  I am a culprit.  I was not considerate when it counted.  I will be now from this point forth.  However I am guilty of saying things that I may never be forgiven for.  Don’t make the same mistake.  I think the easiest lesson learned is one learned by using both ears and hearing someone else’s story, someone else’s mistake and knowing that they regret it and the greatest regret is something you can do nothing about. Avoid the damage.  Be the changed, not the culprit.  

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